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Vijitha S

Vijitha S

Working as an Assistant Professor in ECE Department, since 2001. Persued B.Tech from Adhiyamaan College of Engineering in the year 1998, M.Tech from ANNA University in the year 2011.




Two students from IEEE SB NSSCE, Mr Abhinav Rajeev and Ms Athira M, were given position as student representative of Malabar Hub and Wie coordinator in IE/IA/PELS joint chapter kerala section.



Ms Athira M, Chair IAS IEEE SBC NSSCE awarded best volunteer award 2018 by IA/IE/PELS joint chapter Kerala Section.



IEEE IAS SBC NSSCE won bronze plaque for best student chapter of 2018 by IA/IE/PELS joint chapter Kerala Section.



e-NOTICE was circulated worldwide appreciating the MD project undertaken by Mr Abhinav Rajeev and team.


Abhinav R

Abhinav R

Abhiraj V S

Abhiraj V S

Vice Chairman
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Athira M


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The session was taken by Prof. Sheela S. Energy conservation is growing to be a relevant topic because of the limited availability of non-renewable energy resources on earth. There are certain initiatives that has to be taken to access the needs and stabilize the energy spending day-by-day and there comes the relevance of Energy Audit. It reveals the usage patterns, identifies waste, over expenditure and generally make us fully cognizant of how the energy has to be utilized.

Spectrum Talk

On 5 G

The session was taken by Ajith M,(Chairman IAS). 5G will revolutionize the mode of wireless data transfer. The talk was started by explaining the about 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G. Millimetre waves, Small Cells, Massive MIMO, Beamforming and Full duplex are five technological advancement in the field of 5G. More people and devices are consuming more data than ever before, but it remains crammed on the same bands of the radio-frequency spectrum that mobile providers have always used. Even if it is great development in the field of communication, 5G has its own drawbacks. The talk was concluded by an interactive session followed by the feedbacks from the listeners.

WiE Week Celebration

As part of International Women’s Day celebrations in accordance with the WIE week from march 5th to 15th the IEEE WIE AG of NSSCE has planned various activities on the theme – Balance For The Better Technology For Future . Our WIE wing is promoted by an active members and supportive faculties. An inaugural ceremony was conducted with a session by two eminent women sharing their life journey. On 8th March International Women’s Day the woman staffs are recognised with greeting cards and celebrated along with unsung heroines and tribal students.


On Photoshop

The session was taken by Swathi Sree. The Workshop was scheduled for a couple of hours after 4 pm. All the students were informed about the event beforehand. The session was conducted by Swathi Chandra R , IEEE SB NSSCE member. In the current scenario , Digital promotions plays a pivotal role in marketing, amongst the most creative and efficient are being raised by Cooperatives. Photoshop serves as a language in communicating a detailed description of the product/event in a pixelated sheet. The session spoke about creating a digital poster from a blank page using the basic tools and layer masks. The workshop was concluded by an interactive session followed by a competition in designing an ID Card.

Spectrum Talk

On Quantum Computing

The session was taken by Solomon Stuby. He presented two relevant problems that cannot be solved by a normal computer. This is where a Quantum computer can play its role. The main advantage of this technology is speed. Quantum computer can solve problems which a normal computer cannot even think about. He explained what a ‘Qbit’ is and how it works with plenty of examples. There are still a lot of limitations for this technology to come into existence as its size is very large and it must be kept under a temperature of 15 millikelvins. The future scope of this technology was also discussed. It was very useful session for the participants and they were enthusiastic by being part of the spectrum talk. And it was a nice interactive session taken by the key speaker, Solomon Stuby

Spectrum Talk


The session was taken by Nayana C T. She discussed about the importance of noice cancellation and working of MUTE technology. She mentioned about the changes that will happen in the world of technology by the introduction of such a product to the market and showed some videos on this experiment. It was conducted at eOne Hall, 4pm on 21st February 2019. About 30 students were included in this session. It was very useful session for the participants and they were enthusiastic by being part of the spectrum talk. And it was a nice interactive session taken by the key speaker, Nayana C T


The meeting was held on 20th February 2019 that witnessed the announcement of the new Execom members for the year 2019-20. The ceremony started with the welcome address by former branch counsellor Dr Leesha Paul. Later on, Prof. Vijitha, the new branch counsellor of the SB, addressed the students with a mind-blowing motivational speech. The forthcoming programs of IEEE for this year were also discussed. Ms Maria, the former Secretary of the SB submitted the annual report, which was followed by the momento delivery to former branch counsellor Dr Leesha Paul by Prof. Vijitha. The newly selected Execom members were called to the stage by Arun, the Ex-chairman of IEEE SB for entrusting their positions. The meeting was winded up by a cake cutting ceremony and photograph session of the new Execom.


The Industry Application Society/Industrial Electronic Society/ Power Electronics Society Jt. Chapter, IEEE Kerala Section in association with IAS SBC NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad had organized a three day Flagship Event from 8th - 10th of February2019, All Kerala industry Application Society Student Conclave 2019. The first day commenced with the arrival of the participants and then continued by an Industrial visit at PATSPIN and FCRI. The Inaugural Ceremony was conducted in the afternoon after the arrival of the Chief Guest, Dr. Sivaji Chakravorti. There was an Invited talk and a field trip to Malampuzha. On the second day, three parallel workshops were organized. The IAS Student Branch Chapter Advisors Meet also took place simultaneously. In the evening there were two invited talks. The events for the day ended with Cultural Programs and Gale Dinner. On the last day there were two invited talks continued by WIE Empowerment Summit, IAS Student Branch Chapters Chairs Meet and Young Professional Meet. The event was a grand success with the active participation of the students and hard work of the volunteers.

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